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Woman Machine žodžiai Pridėti į grojaraštį

Alice Cooper

(Iš albumų Muscle Of Love (1973) ir Muscle of Love)

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Alice Cooper - Woman Machine žodžiai

She'll do the work in half the time
Never sick and can't go blind
Oh woman machine
Brain's a tape that fill her head
She knows more now all the dead
Oh woman machine

Oh woman machine [repeat]

A ehart of steel and skin that's cold
Can't wear her out, she can't grow old
Oh woman machine
She goes to bed when work is through
She'll do it all, just change her tubes
Oh woman machine

Oh woman machine [repeat]

She can't talk back with no play back
But she'll listen to all your woe
Trade your old one for a new one
They just don't make 'em
Like they used to, no

Oh woman machine [repeat]

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