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Acid Drinkers

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Acid Drinkers - Vile Vicious Vision žodžiai

A vision of unjust justice still frightness me
I kill a shit and they sentence me for killing a man
It's a vile vision - fear on your face
I'm not qualified in that direction
I'm in the mood for serious selection
It's time to mend, repair the mind
I look for expert - he's hard to find
So what can we see?! It is a vile vicious vision
So what can we feel?! yeah it's a vile vicious vision
So what can we see?! so what? vile vicious vision
So what can we feel...

A river of words from a black box still poisons me
I offend a sack of shit and I'll pay for offending a man
I feel like burning, buring this dump
I need a power to break it down
So what can we see?!...

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