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Uhh Ahh [Sequel Version][*] žodžiai Pridėti į grojaraštį

Boyz Ii Men

(Iš albumo Cooleyhighharmo ny)

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Boyz Ii Men - Uhh Ahh [Sequel Version][*] žodžiai

In a minute, we'll be finished. Was I al that you hoped and dreamed? Was it strong enough (strong enough) to make you feel me? Did I, did you, deep in your mind, you were thinking of ways to make me work for something we both wanted. All through the night all I heard you say was, chorus: Uhh, ahh, ohhh ah. Verse 2. Now that we're done, what are you thinking? Should we talk about it? Maybe. You look so beautiful like this, with the moonlight shining on you. What has come over me? Ohh, you look so good, ohh you look so good. Ohhhh

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