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Gucci Mane

(Iš albumo So Far Gucci)

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Gucci Mane - Think Gucci Thoughts žodžiai

All the money don’t matter to me
All the ice don’t matter to me
Your girlfriends don’t matter to me
And your niggas don’t matter to me
I don’t mean to flatter you
But you the baddest chick I’ve ever seen
Come play on Gucci’s team
Every good king needs a queen
The way you walk is so sexy
The way you talk is so sexy
The way you move is so sexy
Every thing about you girl
My eyes deceiving me
She wants’ to be with me
She wants’ to sleep with me
Gucci needs two or three
I keep you icy (So Icy)
I have you super fresh (So Fresh)

I know you like me
You like the way I dress

Verse 1:
Baby in love with me
I'm in like with her
Gave me some head
I spent one night with her
Keep a college girl pass her curfew
Said she like me and like her to
Eat a bitch suck a dick what she gonna do
Party at the house sent the party on you
Tell your girlfriend and your best friend to
You can bring your whole crew they can have some fun to


Verse 2:
Pretty young thing in some apple bottom jeans
Go to mane for the Gucci mane team
Said she like the that way my gold bling bling
And my chain hangs low down to my ding a ling
Got a bad yellow thing down in the Au
Probably heard she my girl but the shit aint true
I give the bitch the world but she don’t know what to do
And I’m super outfit icey stay fresh


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