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Jimi The Jet

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Lean back and watch the show
Cuz when it´s over I´ll have to go
The memories of this lonely street
Her movemets came out through the sheets
I drove so close, I felt the breath
Of nicotine and innocence
Lazy day with video
Colored back, enjoying coke

Talking shit is what I´m paid for
Kissing schol girls on thestage
Killing flies and drowning sparrows
The show gets hot when they are crying

Why can´t I find the spot
Of never-ending title shot
Thank hell that I can tell
The city girls from raspberries
Psychological theories
Of ultra fucking siamese
Wasted in the sumer shade
Bathing in the dead man´s blaze

Purple sweat drops frommy candle
The way she smiles into the camera
Rainy days behinde the tv
Giant cheese-cakes take away my fantasy

Please touch his soul
Please heal his soul
Please touch his wounds
Please take off your clothes

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