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Acid Drinkers

(Iš albumo Infernal Connection)

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Acid Drinkers - The Joker žodžiai

Joker is funny, joker is great
He's the best in his branch, he's got the biggest pay
Country wide clown, the most stupid star
The moron of the year but don't try shoot him down
Don't talk so loud walls got ears
And if you talk too loud, it costs too many tears
Don't shout so loud, I know that you are brave
And if you shout too loud
You are digging your grave
Everybody knows he's invisible king
He's jumping like a frog, I feel horrible stink
You know this pretty joker, so listen girls and boys
He's gonna turn you on obiedent toys
Stand on your head, now eat shit
This joker is amazing, yes, he's a real hit
He's average fucker, this man has no feelings
He's got a secret hobby
This hobby is killing

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