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(Iš albumo Scoundrel Days)

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A-ha - Straight Ahead žodžiai

Roaring thunder's raging

Our captain takes command

He's drunken like a madman

The pilot sights the land

He slobbers like a toddler: "Full stream ahead"

The tanker runs aground the cliff

And thousand square miles are dead

He's hungry for adventure

He's longing for a kick

He saw these things on TV

And takes his hockey stick

Tonight he'll have his crime time

He walks the streets at night

Some people even saw the fight

But ran away to hide

The mighty men of power

They meet on floor nineteen

They are the old white yuppies on dope

Their faces cruel and mean

They would stick at nothing

They merely hunt for cash

They play roulette with our lifes

For them we're only trash

I'm fallin' fallin'

I hear them callin'

Straight ahead

Straight ahead into disaster

Money talks

Bullshit's walking fast and faster

Straight ahead

Straight ahead into confusion

Money talks

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A-ha dainos


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