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Safe 2 Say (the Incredible) žodžiai Pridėti į grojaraštį

Fat Joe

(Iš albumų All Or Nothing ir Things of That Nature)

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Fat Joe - Safe 2 Say (the Incredible) žodžiai

Just Blaze you a rebel on this beat nigga! Uh!
"Once again back is the incredible, the incredible"

Stop the presses I'm back! Cook Coke that is
Crack, ain't been gone before a week
And still the fiends line up for blocks till it ain't no space
Pile high to the top of the Empire State
Crack! (Crack! Crack! Crack!) Once again so you know it
Ain't been this much hype since that Nas and that Hov shit
Coke spit, the fo' fifth chrome spit
Doe getter since I was small, no better than yours
Truly just check the suicide doors
Thirty inch grill and that black mink floor
Lookin back I did the shit to death
I guess I ain't killin it this rhyme I'm here to raise the dead
I'm here to raise the stakes this time it's ten mill
Supply the sink ill, ship five and then build
And I'm - Joe Crack BX finest
Do rewind this Terror Squad behind this

I got the streets on smash, niggaz on the corner watching me roll past
The bitches they all gasp saying!
"Once again back is the incredible" (dammmn right!)
"The incredible - the incredible"
I got the heat on blast, love the seats reclining on that mean G4
Cause down in New York they saying!
"Once again back is the incredible" (dammmn right!)
"The incredible, the incredible"

Dope man dope man, I got that coke man
Brother Joe man the king of the streets
TS we incredibly credible like Stun said
It was inevitable the metal was 'gon bump heads
And you know that K go chop chop chop
In broad day right in front of the One Stop Shop
I'm from Misery Boulevard, right across the street
From I Hope You Die Place, in school study the crime rate
That's when it became apparent to me
That the pimps and hustlers be apparent to me
I plead innocent your honor
I'm just a product of the streets, product of some beef
Product of that Cappadonna Armani three piece
Problem is when I win, my team eats
But wait, just think the opposite of that
You'll be starin down the opposite side of them gats nigga


Yo! Now have you ever felt the metal to your melon, it just cock back
Ask for the money and drugs, say you ain't got that
Where the cops at? prayin that they comin
Just a few seconds your brains be layin on your stomach
On my waist you know I got keep that oven
For ya ginger bread pie ass niggaz the heat's running on high
Joe Crack I - bake the cake and serve you niggaz humble pie


Yeah! Cook! Just Blaze you a rebel on this beat nigga!
Uh! Cool & Dre, LV, Street Runner, Pete Novacaine
Khalid, Khalid Khalid Khalid Khalid!
Owwwwwwwwwwwww! New York!

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