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Pillow of Winds žodžiai Pridėti į grojaraštį

Pink Floyd

(Iš albumų Oh by the Way, Shine On ir Meddle)

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Pink Floyd - Pillow of Winds žodžiai

A cloud of eider down
draws around me softening the sound.
Sleepy time in my life,
With my love by my side
And she's brathing low
And the candle dies.
When night comes down you lock the door,
The boot falls to the floor.
As darkness falls the waves roll by
The seasons change,
The wind is warm.
Now wakes the owl,now sleeps the swan
Behold a dream,the dream is gone.
Grean fields,a cold rain is falling
Near the golden dawn.
And deep beneath the ground
The early morning sounds and i go down.
Sleepy time in my life,
With my love by my side
and she's breathing low.
And i rise like a bird
in the haze and the first rays touch the sky
And the nights wind die.

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Albumas: Shine On


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