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Ah, here he go again
Your comprehension is low, leave the room now
Matter of fact, leave the Universe
We ain't got no room for you right now
I will not be held responsible for what I'm about to do

I reach octaves that illuminated the hottest wattage
And drop gothic topics while I plot with my operatives in a cottage
I boa-constrict the flow that you script
Human DNA particles mixed with carbon pit
I grab and slam you to the gravel like a gavel
My level is unpassable like a simultaneous backwards forward lateral (yeah)
The grass I draft is super unnatural
I fly from Cape Canaveral through 2 galaxies in a capsule to battle you
With a suffix-less that's absents of reasoning
Ashes burn place in a urn and there sore a Red Snapper for seasoning
I lead a primal region
Whose main reason for breathing is to cleat teeth in your vertebrae and start feeding off your spinal region
You got the mind rate of a primate
At the same time I climb straight to the peak of perfection in it's sublime state
Past, present and future millenniums
I live in an concurrently based on my massiveness space time continuum
Although his opinion was genuine
I was still forced to skin him and mentally hinder him, which eventually ended him
My work baffled the medical examiner (yeah)
The [?] flow
20 times the degrees that's sometimes the diameter
The I-am-the-continent handler, annual rapper ghost channeler
With amphetamine injected elephant stamina
I slap Socrates in Euripides
They fell to the knees to witness to deliver these magnificent epiphanies
My list had became inebriated (inebriated)
What I create can never be destroyed yet I destroy things that to yet to be created
Jam K, you might Flambé
You ain't one-third than the rapper I was back when I was half the rapper I am today
You sweet as bakery pastry, I'm chasing you when you chase me
Blaze the truce from my ribcage so you bleed when you embrace me
K-Rino is amazing like Grace be
I become scold and liquid in the palm of your hands and dare you to waste me
You'll get the lid stripped from your eyes
Kidney's ripped from your sides
Dying with your internal afflicted with hives
Brick hit till he dies a violent lays cryptic surprise
And these five that I mention are the only the beginning of your demise
Have you wetter than rain, every inch of your sweater is stained
Leave you to hang it might take a hundred years to better the drain
You couldn't gain a grain against a micro thread of my brain
I think ahead of the dude that thinks 10 years ahead of the game
Nuclear physicist, rocket scientist, micro surgeons
Have difficulties deciphering my dumb downed versions
I cover space in a ship laced from the base of the vessels head
Where I'm from the average Earth genius is placed in Special-Ed
It's a part and I give telekinetic responses when you're calling
A sword extends out of my face when I get angry like a Morton
I lived on Earth in Platoon in Jupiter's moons
Acclimated and grew accustomed to all the gas and the fumes
I bless the faithful with a plate full of lyrics till they were grateful
You didn't see me at all in March cause I was waiting for you in April
Presided over a council of writers like the Presidium
Commissioned by God to interpret alien idioms
Samples of bone morals sit on the tip of my arrow
Triple Darkness manifested even my shadow got a shadow
Helicopters came to raid with mic clutching brigades
I'm double-dutching through the propellers without touching the blades
Manifested treacherous messages that push you to the edge of this
Subjected you to breathlessness with 2 handcuffed necklaces
Matched with the best, some doubt my tactics
But the fact is, I practice with accurate microsurgical exactness
My lyrics confidentially concede
Created a process so extreme that it's even kept a secret from me
I black out like I receive an injection
And resurrect with no recollection of intrepid ethereal verse conceptions
I gave language to man before the first letter began
Your skill can fit comfortably on the head of a pin
The imminent apotheosis of devious guys
Cut off my air supply I promise you I'll breathe through my eyes
I'm a sniper with virtue, the universal cipher you work through
The Kurd that extends infinitely till it's a circle
The Saturn ring crown wearer
With documented perilous terror that dates back to the Paleozoic Era
As I stare in my essenterical mirror
Compared to you technologically undetectable frequency sound clearer
The known lyricist that exists fearer
Suicide bomb rhyme blast a broadcasts daily on Al Jazeera
Merking it wasn't easy, I tried homie believe me
His spirit was scared to leave his flesh knowing it had to see me
My aura's great, it's too late to arbitrate my horror rate
Compared to me, you ain't even close to being far away
Reduce you to a pool of anemic blood and dive in you
Off the top of Mount St. Helen's I'll pile driving you
Embalm you while you alive and leave nothing inside of you
Split you into quintuplets and murder all five of you
Couldn't slice my verses if I hand you a knife
Hit you with every sickness listed in Merck's manual twice
I'm the storm that came instead of the calm
That was supposed to come before the storm but had nothing to destroy after I came along
My capacity for thinking detracted him
A miniscule ounce of my minimum is seven times more than your maximum
Take a day to battle you and when I'm finished
I'll go home and relax for the remainder 23 hours and 30 minutes

Perpetual Ascension
The dimension of my perpetual ascension
Perpetual Ascension
You've enter the dimension of perpetual ascension
Perpetual Ascension
You've enter the dimension of perpetual ascension
Lyrically lynching
You've enter the dimension of perpetual ascension

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