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(Iš albumų Aerosmith, Pandora's Toys, Collection: Aerosmith/Get Your Wings/Toys in the Attic, Aerosmith's Greatest Hits 1973-1988, Box of Fire ir Pandora's Box)

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Aerosmith - One Way Street žodžiai

Hey look on yonder, what´s that I see
Well that old bogus honey coming after me
I thought you told her I was out of town
I wonder how she knowed I was hangin´ around
Say, listen babe, don´t go wastin´ your time
You keep on comin´ round you´ll hear the same old
You got a thousand boys, you say you need ´em
You take what´s good for you and I´ll take my freedom

´cause lately it´s been so hard now to make ends meet

And honey, your head´s a one way street
And I gotta go the other way
I thought I knew her, my cagey lady
How could my sunshine be so damn shady
She´ll say she love to talk a conversation
But I´m the one that makes my situation
This one way city, that I thought I knew
It´s such a pity honey, that´s it for you
There´s nothin´ over here I never showed ya
I made it pretty clear I´m glad to know ya
You know your brother Spike, he´s on the level
But you always lookin´ like you´re mad at the devil
Don´t say I cop a ´tude, it´s all forgotten
It´s just you´re much too rude, your fruits are
Rotten *
You know I work so hard to keep it alive
Now all I hear from you is nothin´ but jive
Lately it´s been so hard now to make ends meet
And honey, your head´s a one way street
And I really been feelin´ like I could be movin´ on *

Your head´s like a one way street
When you´re foolin´ everybody you meet
Your head´s like a one way street
You got to get yourself back on your feet

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