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On Fire Tonight žodžiai Pridėti į grojaraštį

Cam Ron

(Iš albumų Come Home With Me, Purple Haze, Mixtape, Sports Drugs & Entertainment, 7 Series Sampler: Come Home With Me ir That's Me)

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Cam Ron - On Fire Tonight žodžiai

[Cam'ron] wave yo hands now.
You know I'm looking for a ho
[Zeek] Word?
[Cam'ron]I found a ho
[Zeek] And?
[Cam'ron] And the ho ... ended up being a ho
[Zeek] What chu thought
[Cam'ron]My man zeek always told me a hoes gon b a ho
Let a hoe fly
Let the birds f****n' fly
Let em fly right zeek?
[Zeek] Fu** let 'em fly away...
I need a girl who can sing like Celina
A** like Trina
Tits like Janet
Get beat like Tina
Have u seen her?
I mean, caked like Oprah
Keep the toast in the holster
Tell me have you seen her?
I did...
Yeah I found one
A little brown one
Then she down son
Plus she pushed the beamer
I should have knew something was up from the jump
When I passed ma the blunt
The b***h was a steamer
I aint care i had weed to blow
I aint feed the ho
We took a trip to Argentina
I dont know why i died
But pours i went raw inside the wh*re
I thought she would be cleaner
Dirty b***h burnt me
That concerned me
Now I'm thirsty
I'm looking for her with the nina
I'm gonna kill her when I see her
So tell me, have u seen her?
Tell me, have u seen her?
It's the girls with the pretty face
And the pretty rides
Pretty thighs
But what about the inside?
And that b***h is a lair and dike, I took the condom off and now it's on fire tonight...
It's the girls with the pretty face
And the pretty rides
Pretty thighs, but what about the inside?
And that b***h is a lair and dike, I took the condom off and now it's on fire tonight...
It's like treat her like a prostitute
Don't treat no girlie good don't show her yo loot
Girl i see u riding wanna roll in the coup
See you with ice cream
Want to go for a scoop
I don't get mad
Tell her to blow on my flute
(suck a di*k b***h)
Before the i.e. you got it thrown on your crew
Droopy, sad, i read it, whooee I'm glad u done it
Sew me, what chu mad I said it?
From front back side to side
Never let a broke a** female ride
I learned that down south n***as in Texas
Before I drink up I big up big guesses
Imagine me get up against this
Get her a Lexis
You're figuring ... reckless
Baby I'm sexist
So back up, let me strap up before you give Cam that clap up I'm gon have to clack up
[Zeek speaking]
And why that nigga still going raw?
This is for my n***as out there that DO use a condom
For the first night...
Then go raw all the other times
Where the psychological sense in that playa?
You need to wash your face, get your mind right
Girls up here is burning
B***h burnt the braids off my n***a the other week....
Yeah, yeah, I know what to do
I'm gonna get the p***y ATM started
Before anything happens your gotta swipe your p***y across this board
Let you know what's going on
What type of temperature you running
'cause I can't stand n***as running out here to the clinic sitting down talking bout 'I aint nuttin Zeek, I'm over here gettin condoms'
N***a, I seen you break the door down running to the nurse talking bout help me, help ME
You damn right imma help you
Imma hang your stupid a** right in front of the damn clinic
[Chorus in background] The hell you gon give my lil' neace this god da** venereal decease
Huh! her p***y lighting up like a light bulb...'
a two hundred watt light bulb...
A light bulb?
What type of engineer, venereal decease is going on now days
It's crazy...
Ni**as is crazy
I'm gonna write a book on how stupid n***as is

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