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(Iš albumų Feels So Right, Music of Alabama, My Home's In Alabama/Feels So Right/Mountain Music, Essential Alabama, Last Stand, Greatest Hits, Collections, Livin' Lovin' Rockin' Rollin': The 25th Anniversary Collection, Best of Alabama: Original Hits, Farewell Tour, Legendary, For the Record: 41 Number One Hits Live, Vol. 1 ir For the Record)

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Alabama - Old Flame žodžiai

I saw you staring at each other.
I saw your eyes begin to glow.
An I could tell you once were lovers.
You ain't hidin' nothing that I don't know.

There's an old flame buring in your eyes that tears can't drown and make-up
Can't disguise.
Now that old flame might not be stronger, but it's been burnin' longer than
Any spark I might have started in your eyes.

You said it ended when he left you.
You say your love for me is strong.
But those old mem'ries still upset you.
And Imight be a mem'ry before too long.


There's an old flame burning in your eyes that tears...

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