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Dream Theater

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Dream Theater - New Millenium žodžiai

A single star behind me
A red sky burns ahead
A lonely light below me
Awake among the dead
An overwhelming feeling
Leaves me numb and strange
A sense of new beginning
I sense a wind of change

Out with the old useless
People so cold ruthless
Welcome in a new millenium
How many times must I
Live out theis nightmare I
Can't wait until a new millenium

I've got this feeling
The tide is turning now baby
Funny feeling
Everything's gonna be alright now

Living out a constant deja vu
Keep your head up
Please be patient we will get to you
Keep your head up
Just have some faith and you can see it through
Keep your head up
But faith don't pay the rent that's overdue
Keep your head up
All that's glittering is turning blue
Keep your head up
What they want from me ain't gotta clue
Keep your head up
Swallow pride before it swallows you
Keep your head up
Don't dare bite the hands that's starving you
Keep your head up

How can you keep your head
And not go insane
When the only light at the end

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