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Lower Than The Ground (feat. Leon Somov) žodžiai Pridėti į grojaraštį


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Jazzu - Lower Than The Ground (feat. Leon Somov) žodžiai

Somebody help me out here.
I'm nobody I disappear.
One life is given to me to live.
I‘m empty I need someone to give to me.

Another days into nights,
Another night go awhile.
And all morning I'm crying out my tears.
Hello to my new fears!

Cuz' now I'm feeling lower than the Ground,
Trying to sleep at night but don't know how.
I'm fallin' down, down, down.
I'm faliin' down, down, down.
I'm falling deeper deeper in the night.

My body, my heart and my soul
Refusing to stay in control.
What I miss I made here today by my own.
Surprisingly, I don't know.

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