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Gucci Mane

(Iš albumų Gucci and Friends ir EA SportsCenter)

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Gucci Mane - Lots of Cash žodžiai

i got lots of bags i got lot cash i got lot of swag girl i'm all about sack i just got a pack that stupid crazy thracks loud i might smoke this whole poud i might not sell a sack i am all about the racks i'm deep of in this cush cloud baby hold that blunt down don't let them see whats lit a million dollar spent on gettin lil gucci iced out in my trap house right now i am tryin to make it back them east atlanta cats they don't know how to act we all about the cash so we all about the tax we'll give yo ass a cigertte to charge you for the max (damn) discount on the powder but we make up crack i got cash at my house so i wake up wit my gat i 'm sleepin wit my chopper cause i'm livin wit that sack let's say we do a feature and you bring gucci a check don't be surprised i tear the check and slap you wit a stack (gucci) i get lot s of cash x7 i get lots of cash you don't like it kiss my ass i get lots of cash x7 you like it kiss my ass

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