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(Iš albumų High Voltage ir Box Set)

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Saw you in the front row
Moving to the beat(Just movin' and groovin')Killed me when I saw
The wet patch on your seat(Wasn't Coca Cola)Oh babyI hope you liked the show
When the band said good nightI had to say helloCHORUS:
Little lover, I can't get you off my mind (no)
Little lover, I've been trying hard to findSomeone like youOh baby
You sure looked sweet(Cruisin')A leg either sideOf my motorcycle seat
(Just oozin')Could have been a nightmareCould have been a dream
But on my way home, babyI thought I heard you scream
Little lover, I can't get you off my mind
Little Lover, I've been trying hard to find
Someone to give me the things that I need, ow!You had my picture
On your bedroom wall(Next to Gary Glitter)I was standing on the stage
Playing rock 'n' roll(I was a guitar picker)Never had a recordNever had a hit
Oh babyYou didn't mind a bitCHORUSBaby I know you're a -Little lover

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