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A-ha - Lifelines (Komplett) žodžiai

One time-to know that it´s real
One time-to know how it feels
That´s all
One call-your voice on the phone
One place-a woman to low
That´s all
What do you see? What do you know? What´s shine? What do I do?
Just find out your lifeline through
What do we hate? What you damn? What do we do? What do you say?
Don´t throw your lifelines away
Don´t throw your lifelines away
One time-just once in my life yeah
One time-to know it can happen twice
One shout-on the clear blue sky
One look-I see your reasons why you can´t
One chance-to go back to the point where everything starts
One chance-to keep it together-things fall apart
One sign-because believe it´s true

What do you see? Where do we go? What singn? How do we grow?
Why letting your lifelines show? What have we do? What do you know? What do we say? How do I know?
Don´t let your lifeline go
Don´t let your lifeline go-haa
Don´t let your lifeline go

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