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Life Of This Small Fry žodžiai Pridėti į grojaraštį

Alanis Morissette

(Iš albumo Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie)

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Alanis Morissette - Life Of This Small Fry žodžiai

A wretched party stood and prayed

Under the lashing rain and thunder

The ropes fell through the handles, the coffin sloping under

The earth slipped through black fingers

At the graveside where she stooped

And an ill wind howling through her veil

For a man who served no good, he served no good

He never was an evil man, hard but fair, his mother said

A timid youth of ridicule, each schoolday made him quake with dread

In the showers and the rugby field, the bullies came to play

Most nights he'd weep and piss the bed

But he vowed they all would pay, they all would pay!

Like his father in the coldstream guards, he was soon in married quarters

Licked his way up through the ranks, he had no time for sons and daughters

She waits on him, the sweet young thing

Repenting at her leisure

Like a blinkered mount he charges on

How much longer is her tether

How how she laughed, while so lovingly she spurned him

For time had stole ungraciously all the dreams she'd been yearning

No joyous cries of children, is this marriage granite firm

It breaks his heart that seeds can't grow, from a bag of watered sperm

He joined the prison service, she broke the chains and left him

For the first time he was all alone, a demon's soul possessed him

An institute of misery, in a painful sea of darkness

And hem inside his tortured mind, cruel, bleak and heartless

An angry mob was breaking out from the chokey cells and `D' wing

Tonight the hard lags call the tune, come the dawn, no birds will sing

No more raining down the stick, a violent end draws nigh

No hope, no tears, no mercy, for the life of this small fry!

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