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Alanis Morissette

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Alanis Morissette - King Of Intimidation žodžiai

(Spoken words taken from an old recording: "The women of the family seem to feel that they owe it to the men of the family to look relaxed, rested, and attractive at dinnertime.")For you they live in a quiet monastery
For you they wear whatever you want them to as long as it is short
They count to ten when you tell them how to drive
And when they're afraid they let you speak for themAll hail the king of intimidation
Obeyer of Christian behaviorFor you we'll wax; we skin, chicken our legs
For you we chew our nails if we had any but fake ones to do it
We contradict him temporarily
And it was somethin' about how you talk down to meAll hail the king of intimidation
Obeyer of Christian behaviorThe role of compromises for the family you now want some
There's only so much we can do to make you rest assuredI am single
I am weary
You're just jealous
You're just confused
You're just hungry
You're in sin now
You're not happy
You like kiddingAll hail the king of intimidation
Obeyer of Christian behaviorHe knows not of what he has wrongly done
So forgive his ignorant behaviorYou are tortured
You are captured
You are busted
We were silent
You were tested
You did better
You are lonely
Was it worth it?

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