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Here Is the News žodžiai Pridėti į grojaraštį

Electric Light Orchestra

(Iš albumų Time, Very Best of the Electric Light Orchestra ir Light Years: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra)

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Electric Light Orchestra - Here Is the News žodžiai

Here is the news
Coming to you every hour on the hour
Here is the news
The weather's fine but there may be a meteor shower.

Here is the news
A cure's been found for good old rocket lag
Here is the news
Someone left their life behind in a plastic bag.

Here is the news
Another action filled adventure
Here is the news
All the worst from the world convention.

Here is the news
I wanna go home, I want my baby back

Here is the news
Somebody has broken out of Satellite 2
Here is the news
Look very carefully, it may be you.

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