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Ac/Dc - Gone Shootin' žodžiai

Feel the pressure rise . Hear the whistle blow. Bought a ticket of her own accord. to I don't know . packed her heart in a travelling bag and never said bye bye. something missing in the neighborhood of her crying eyes. I stirred my coffee with the same spoon. Knew her favorite tune. gone shootin. My baby gone shootin' wrapped herself around like a second skin. backed her favorite nag but she could never win. I took an offer in another town. she took another pill . she was running in overdrive . a victim of overkill. She never made it past the bedroom door . What was she aiming for. Gone shootin' she's gone gone gone gone gone shootin' my baby's gone shootin' look out whoo! Gone shootin' , how am i going to get her down gone shootin', whoo! look out look out look out gone shootin', she can hurt someone gone shootin, yeah she getting loaded she's gone gone gone gone she's gone gone shootin'. another episode.

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