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(Iš albumo O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits)

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Aerosmith - Gone Crazy žodžiai

Here I am alone again tonight

In this old empty house

It´s hard to learn what you don´t

Think you need

You can´t live without

Never leave the sound

Of the telephone

But ever since you left, I´ve been gone

Gone Crazy, Goin´out of my mind

I´ve asked myself the reasons, at

Least a thousand times

Goin´up and down this hallway

Tryin´to leave the pain behind

Ever since you left, I´ve been gone

I never saw your face this many times

When you were really here

The things you said I never


Are now crystal clear

I never spent this much time

At home

But ever since you left, Ive been gone


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