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Alanis Morissette

(Iš albumo Alanis)

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Alanis Morissette - Find The Right Man žodžiai

I have been so alone my whole entire life
I gotta get a break
I needed comfort although I'm home alone
I just got no way
I gotta get a guy
To take care of meI gotta get the right man...
Gotta Find the right man
Oh, find the right manI wonder how I'd feel if he was never around
If I was by myself
I'd be so frightened, I'd be a baby again
'Cause I'd have no one else
I'd have to wear a frown
While walking through the townI'd be without a man
I'd have to find the right man
Oh, gotta find the right manBut even if I get my boy
How am I gonna know (he's the right man)
I gotta meet a guy, go out on a date
(spoken: That's for you, mom & dad)So I can find the right man
I've gotta find the right man
My own right-hand man
Help me find the right man..

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