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Excuse Me Mr žodžiai Pridėti į grojaraštį

Gwen Stefani

(Iš albumo The Sweet Escape)

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Gwen Stefani - Excuse Me Mr žodžiai

I'm like a beggar with no luck

I'm holding signs up

On your streetcorner stops

Like most you try not to see me

You stare straight ahead

Ignore the responsibility

Excuse me...excuse me mr.

I've been waiting in line

And I'd like to buy some of your time

I'm every anxioux, eager, willing.

What's your billing?
So please excuse me mr.

You've got things all wrong

You make it feel like a crime

So don't confuse me mr.

I've known you too long

All I need is a little of your time

For most love comes for free

They don't pay the high cost

Of mental custody

I'll pay bail for a guarantee

Please make space for me

In the time yet to be

Excuse me...excuse me mr.
And I'd been saving up my life,

What's your price?
What should I do

I'm about to crack

And there's a force

That comes over for me

It's almost as if I'm tied to the tracks

And I'm waiting for him

To rescue me

The funny thing is

He's not going to come

He's not going to find me

This is a matter of fact

The desire you lack

This is the way I guess it has to be...

A little of your time

Please, a little of your time
I'm in line to buy time

I'm in line to buy time

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