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Dream On Hayley žodžiai Pridėti į grojaraštį

James Morrison

(Iš albumų Undiscovered, Songs for You, Truths for Me, Music:01 ir Pieces Don't Fit Anymore, Pt. 2)

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James Morrison - Dream On Hayley žodžiai

Some people sleep easy
Some people don't
See keep the light on
Stops you feeling so alone

Some people make you better
Some make it worse
He thought he held you lightly
Yeah it got you where it hurts
You're not the one
You're not the one to pay

Dream on Hayley
Don't look down
There's nothing here for you to see
Dream on Hayley
You're just about there
Don't give up so easily
Dream on Hayley
If you don't feel love
Then dreaming is the way to go

I know, I know, I know

Some people trust too much
Sometimes that's you
Shouldn't be a bad thing
It's more than I could do

So much disappointment
Over the years
Willing to love completely
But always ends in tears
I'm not mad
Not so mad to me


Dream on, dream on
I can help you
You gotta keep dreaming

Dream on Hayley
Dream on Hayley


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