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Dog Eat Dog žodžiai Pridėti į grojaraštį


(Iš albumų Fly The Wall, Let There Be Rock: Video, No Bull/Stiff Upper Lip, Box Set ir No Bull)

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Ac/Dc - Dog Eat Dog žodžiai

Well it's a dog eat dog
Eat cat tooThe French eat frogAnd I eat youBusinessman, when you make a deal
Do you know who you can trust?Do you sign your life away?
Do you write your name in dust?CHORUS:Hey, hey, hey Every dog has his day
It's a dog eat dogDog eat dog"Dog eat dog"Read the newsSomeone winSomeone lose
Up's above and down's below And limbo's inbetweenUp you win, down you lose
It's anybody's gameCHORUSAnd it's a eye for eyeTooth for toothIt's a lie
That's the truthSee a blind man on the street Looking for something free
Hear the kind man ask his friends"Hey, what's in it for me?"CHORUS

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