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Dignity žodžiai Pridėti į grojaraštį


(Iš albumo Big Ones)

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Aerosmith - Dignity žodžiai

I don´t believe that there is any Braham

I don´t believe in a Buddah

I don´t believe that there´s a chrstian deity

Or the man who´s called Allah

I don´t believe that there were any wonders

I´m frightend abou a caste-system

And I believe that we should all really ponder

About a new begin.


But I know there´s a got that offers me no duties,

That didn´t tie me on a puppet string.

But I know that this god appreciates my dignity at all

And I see preachers everywhere I stay

They are lying with every word they say

Thruth is the only thing you won´t expect.

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