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(Iš albumų Never Say Never, Brandy, Afrodisiac, Best of Brandy, Who Is She 2 U, Talk About Our Love, What About Us, Another Day in Paradise, Videos ir Have You Ever)

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Brandy - Brokenhearted žodžiai

Hmm, oh yeah, oh yeah
Whoa, oh yeahI'm young but I'm wise enough to know
That you don't fall in love overnight, oh yeah
That's why I thought if I took my time
That everything in love would be right
But as soon as I closed my eyes
I was saying to love 'good-bye'1 - But I guess I'm only brokenhearted
Life's not over I can start again
While I'm only brokenhearted
It's a hurting thing to get overNo more empty conversations
Next time I will be totally sure, oh yeah
Don't want the pain of falling in and out of love
It's more than my poor heart should endure
So I'll listen to all advice
And remember each time I cry
That I guess I'm onlyRepeat 1 (2x)(Starting all over again, oh)
Whoa, whoa
Only brokenhearted
So I listen to all advice
And remember each time I cry, oh yeahRepeat 1 till end

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