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Bluebird Is Dead žodžiai Pridėti į grojaraštį

Electric Light Orchestra

(Iš albumų On the Third Day ir Afterglow)

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Electric Light Orchestra - Bluebird Is Dead žodžiai

Little darlin' of my life
You keep movin' cross my mind
You gave me a sunny day
Now it looks as if I'll pay

Why do they say, bluebird is dead
I can still see her, touch her, my bluebird
The love that she gave, I don't believe, no, no, I don't believe

Bluebird came to me tonight
Waiting patiently for light
She said I know that you will grieve
But my darlin' I must leave


Bluebird say it is not so
Please I cannot hear you speak
It must be that you're so tired
In the darkness of the night


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