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Bedlam In Belgium žodžiai Pridėti į grojaraštį


(Iš albumų Highway To Hell, Box Set ir Flick of the Switch)

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Ac/Dc - Bedlam In Belgium žodžiai

There was a cop with a gun
Who was running around insane
With fifty arrests, no bulletproof vests
Now ain't that a shame
We wanted to play, play for the (crowd)
???? rock your way out
There was a bedlam in Belgium
Bedlam in Belgium
The place was a junk
And ???? ooze was coming down
There's a ????
You've been workin' overtime
???? just a pay so we ???? to stay
Stay just the same
He gave me a crack in the back with his gun
???? run
Bedlam in Belgium
There was a bedlam in Belgium
Bedlam in Belgium, ???? good time ????
Bedlam in Belgium, yeah
Who's to blame, it's a shame
???? caged
Cops enraged
It was ???? World War

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